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GL889C-10 GL889CR-10
The GL889C-10/GL889CR-10 is a single USB Type-C™ port, 3-in-1 fast-charging port controller that complies with USB Battery Charging Specification (abbrev. as BC), Apple® divider charging profile, and Samsung® divider charging profile. USB BC is a public fast-charging specification with output voltage capability at 5V and current up to 1.5A, while the traditional USB 2.0 is 5V@0.5A and USB3.0 is 5V@0.9A. With USB BC, a handheld device can save at most 66% charging time*1. Apple® and Samsung® divider charging profile are both proprietary technologies with output capability at 5V@1A/2A/2.4A and 5V@2A, where a handheld device can saves at most 58% and 50% charging time*1 respectively.
In order to provide the best user experience, the GL889C-10/GL889CR-10 will automatically identify these three fast-charging mechanisms along with USB Type-C ™ and handshake with the handheld device at the right mode. The GL889C-10 supports USB Type-C ™ DFP (Downstream Facing Port) that is suitable for wall charger and car charger applications in the retail market. The GL889CR-10 supports USB Type-C™ DRP (Dual-Role Port) that is suitable for power bank applications in the retail market. Furthermore, both GL889C-10 and GL889CR-10 provide Smart Budget feature, that means they will automatically handshake to lower level fast-charging mechanism when there is not enough system power.
*1: Theoretical data

Supports Battery Charging Specification v1.2 DCP at 5V@1.5A
   Supports Apple® and Samsung ® divider charging profile at 5V@2.4A and 5V@2A
  Supports Chinese Communications Industry Standard YD/T 1591-2009
   Auto detect three fast-charging mechanisms along with USB Type-C™
   GL889C-10 supports USB Type-C™ DFP and GL889CR-10 supports USB Type-C™ DRP
   Supports Smart Budget
   Both GL889C-10/GL889CR-10 are available in DFN12 package
● Applications
- Power bank
- Car charger
- USB universal wall charger / Outlet / Desktop multi-port wall charger

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