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Genesys Logic's single-chip GL3466 is a high speed, high performance, and rich scalability controller for standalone scanner. It is designed for bus-powered, portable or fast sheet-fed scanner controller. It successfully integrates ARM11 CPU, scanner function ASIC, JPEG encoder/decoder, USB 3.0 device and USB 2.0 EHCI hosts controller into one single-chip. With its high performance design architecture, GL3466 is ready for supporting CIS or CCD image sensors (600~9600dpi resolution) that are used in ADF sheet-fed and DC motor scanner.


Support smart high-speed transmission control technology for multiple stepper and DC motors
Support new smart DC motor scanning technology
 Support high-speed dual-scan control engine function
Support smart automatic image correction technology for embedded systems
- auto-deskew, auto-crop, auto-color/gray detection, C/R color registration and so on
Support innovative mechanical roller compensation technology
Support smart automatic brightness compensation technology
Support the high speed USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface
Support high-speed low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) interface
Support a CIS image sensor that supports up to 6-channel
The maximum scanning speed of A4-sized documents can reach over 100 sheets or 200 pages per minute
The maximum scanning speed of banknote can reach over 400 sheets or 800 sides per minute

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