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The GL826 is a highly integrated USB 2.0single chip card reader controller that supports all popular form factor memory cards, such as CF, MD, SD/MMC, MS, MS PRO, MS PRO-HG, SM/xD. With booming microSD or MMC Mobile cards in the mobile market, we provide the feature of the two independent SD/MMC card interfaces will be benefit to card venders. In addition to dual SD/MMC card interfaces support, GL826 can support CF PIO/UDMA mode, 8GB Class 6 SDHC and MS PRO-HG 8bit to show their fast read/write performance. 128-pin LQFP package is for multi-slot card reader application and can upgrade firmware with external flash. 48-pin LQFP package is mask ROM type for dual-slot card reader application. Both of them will fulfill your requirement in many kinds of application.

●  USB specification compliance
- Compliant with Universal Serial Bus specification rev. 2.0
- Compliant with USB Mass Storage Class Bulk only Transport Specification rev. 1.0
- Supports one USB device address and up to 5 endpoints, including one control, one interrupt and 2 bulk IN / OUT endpoint pairs
●  Integrated USB building blocks
- USB2.0 transceiver macro (UTM), Serial Interface Engine (SIE), embedded Power-On Reset (POR) and Low-Voltage Detector (LVD)
●  Embedded high speed 8051 micro-controller
- Operate @ 60 MHz clock, 12 clocks per instruction cycle
- Embedded 64K Byte mask ROM and internal 256 byte SRAM
●  High efficient DMA hardware engine improves transfer rate between USB and flash card interfaces
●  Support multiple flash card interfaces and the latest flash card specifications
- CompactFlash TM /MicroDrive v4.0 with PIO mode 0-6 and UDMA 0-4 mode
- Secure DigitalTM v1.0 / v1.1 / v2.0
- MultiMediaCard TM v3.X / v4.0 / v4.1 / v4.2 (1/4/8bit)
- Memory StickTM Rev.1.43, Memory Stick PRO TM Rev.1.02, Memory Stick PRO-HG TM Rev.1.01 with 8bit @60MHz operating speed
- SmartMedia TM v1.00
- xD-Picture TM v1.2C Type M/H (TID:AA-CG0451)
- CE-ATA v1.0b (external flash)
●  Support external serial EEPROM interface (8bit format) for the flexibility to load vender information and system option 
●  Support firmware upgrade to external flash via USB port ( ISP : In System Programming ) 
●  Embedded five power switches for power control of five cards interface 
- Programmable over-current detected period; current default setting is 1ms 
- Internal pull-up/pull-down resistance I/O pad controlled by firmware 
●  On-chip 5V to 3.3V and 3.3V to 1.8V regulator 
●  On board 12 MHz Crystal driver circuit 
●  Operating system supported: Windows Vista32&64/XP/2000/Me/98/98SE, Mac OS 9.X/10.X, Linux Kernel 2.4.X/2.6.X 
- Pass Windows Vista32&64 (submission ID:1231473) 
- Pass Windows XP (submission ID: 1231870) 
●  128-pin LQFP: applies 5 LUNs card reader application (CF, SM/xD, SD/MMC 8bit, MS/MSPRO, microSD/ MMCmicro 4bit) 
- Dual SD/MMC interfaces; one is SD/MMC 8bit, the other is microSD/ MMCmicro 4bit 
- Support SD/MMC-to-SD/MMC read/write operations 
●  128-pin LQFP: applies 4 LUNs card reader application with MSPRO-HG support (CF, SM/xD, SD/MMC 8bit, MS/MSPRO-HG 8bit) 
●  64-pin LQFP: applies 3 LUNs card reader application but requiring external EEPROM setting (SDHC/MMC v4.2 8bit, microSD/MMCmicro 4bit, and MS/MS PRO 4bit) 
●  48-pin LQFP: applies 2 LUNs card reader application (SDHC/MMC v4.2 8bit and MS PRO-HG 8bit) 
●  Available in 128-pin LQFP package 
●  Available in 64-pin LQFP package 
●  Available in 48-pin LQFP package

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