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The GL889-10 is a USB fast-charging controller which complies with USB Battery Charging Specification (abbrev. as BC). Before the USB BC is released, most handheld devices have different charging mechanisms that are not compliant with each other. Generally speaking, old wall-chargers are useless when you have new handheld devices. Now with a USB enabled wall-charger, it provides unified charging mechanism by traditional USB current supply (0.5A) when charging devices through USB ports. With a USB enabled wall-charger which complies with USB BC, it provides unified charging mechanism by more USB current supply (up to 1.5A) when charging devices through USB ports, so called “fast-charging” mechanism. In another word, GL889-10 is a high performance solution for “fast-charging” mechanism and it saves at most 66% of charging time.
In addition, the GL889-10 will automatically detect and charge not only USB BC compliant devices, but also Apple/Samsung/RIM devices. This feature implies wide range of end product applications and provides design flexibility for system manufactures.

Supports Battery Charging Specification 1.2 charging port types of Dedicated Charging Ports (DCP)  
Supports Chinese Communications Industry Standard YD/T 1591-2009 
● Auto detect and charge for Apple, Samsung and USB BC compliant devices 
Ultra low power consumption
Available in 5 pin SOT23 and 6 pin SOT23 package
● Applications 
Power bank
Car charger
USB universal wall charger / Outlet / Desktop multi-port wall charger

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