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Worldwide No.1 USB Type-C Integrated USB 3.1 Gen 1 Hub Controller

GL3523-S is a highly cost-effective and flexibly configurable USB3.1 Gen 1 hub controller with on-chip integration of USB Type-C™ functions. It is compliant with the USB3.1 Gen 1 specification, and fully backward-compatible with HS/FS/LS hosts and devices. GL3523-S achieves high data throughput and power efficiency with the industry’s lowest 0.86W power consumption when all four downstream ports are operating with SuperSpeed devices and 10mW at suspend state. It integrates 5V to 3.3V and 5V to 1.2V regulators to save the regulators BOM cost for customers and provides the flexible power design. In addition, it equips with advanced fast-charging, supporting Battery Charging v1.2 (CDP/DCP/ACA-Dock), Apple 1A/2.4A, Samsung Galaxy mode and QC2.0. Beyond these features, GL3523-S incorporates patented Smart Power Management that can dynamically switch the mode of downstream ports to ensure the quality of flow. GL3523-S can be flexibly configured according to customers’ needs such as disabling specific downstream ports, compound device setting, and customized GPIO/LED usages.  With the USB Type-C™ function integrated, GL3523-S is well-suited for Type-C applications without external switches and CC controllers needed. In Type-C™ applications, GL3523-S not only provides expansion for USB ports but also features complete functions of CC controllers, including handshaking for reversible attaching, discovering/configuring VBUS (USB Type-C™ current modes up to 3A@5V), and configuring/providing VCONN power.

•  Native USB Type-C™ function on Upstream and Downstream Ports; Extremely BOM Cost Saving for USB Type-C™ applications; No External Switches or CC Controllers Needed
-  Detecting flip-able/reversible plugging
-  Discovering/configuring VBUS
-  USB Type-C™ Current modes, including USB Default, 1.5A@5V and 3A@5V
-  Configuring/Supporting VCONN Power
•   Support Multiple Upstream Ports
•   Flexible Configurations by firmware, SMBUS, Vendor command, and hardware pin-strapping
•   Supporting specific port disabled/enabled
•   MTT architecture
•   Programmable GPIOs and Customized Flicking/Breathing LED
•   Native 4-port fast-charging, support USB BC v1.2, Apple 1A/2.4A and Samsung Galaxy devices
•   Lowest power consumption among USB 3.1 Hub controllers
•   Support USB3.0 U0/U1/U2/U3 and USB2.0 LPM power management states
•   Support both individual and gang modes of power control and over-current detection for downstream ports
•   Automatic switching between self-powered and bus-powered modes
•   Support slew-rate control for EMI reduction
•   Internal power-fail detection for ESD recovery
•   25MHz reference input clock
•   Available Package:  
-   4 downstream ports in BGA144/QFN88
-   2 downstream ports in QFN76/QFN64

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