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GL852F is Genesys Logic’s USB general purpose compound solution which fully complies with Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 2.0. It features 4 downstream ports and has one more internal downstream port connected to general purpose device. GL852F provides up to 17 General Purpose I/O (GPIO) pins to support general purpose and other applications. The MTT architecture provides every downstream port with individual traffic control for the best performance when connected with several Full/Low-Speed devices and running heavy bandwidth-consuming operations concurrently.

GL852F embeds an 8-bit 8052-like microcontroller with 16 K-bytes built-in SRAM for firmware customization features.  The internal SRAM memory space supports multiple programming of applications firmware through USB upstream port, providing higher design flexibility comparing to traditional mask-ROM architecture.

GL852F’s design architecture provides multiple advantages on minimizing the cost of system Built-of-Material (BOM).  For example, the hardware featured built-in 5 to 3.3V power regulator, on-chip power on reset, and internal Phase Lock Loop (PLL) that provide multiple clock sources with single 12MHz external crystal. In addition, OEM vendor’s configuration setting and PID/VID can be customized and stored in the internal memory to eliminate the need of using external EEPROM.

*TT (transaction translator) is the main traffic control engine in an USB 2.0 hub to handle the unbalanced traffic speed between the upstream port and the downstream ports.

General Features
•    Compliant to USB specification 2.0
•    On-chip 8-bit micro-processor
   –    Operation speed: 12MHz clock input
   –    8052-like architecture
   –    USB optimized instruction set
   –    C compiler support
   –    16 K-Byte embedded SRAM for multiple firmware programming
   –    max frequency 30Mhz
   –    256 byte of RAM for basic operation
•    Integrated ultra low power USB transceiver
•    Support both individual and gang modes of power management for each downstream ports
•    Built-in upstream 1.5KΩ pull-up and downstream 15KΩ pull-down
•    Configurable compound-device support
•    On-chip 3.3V output provided by integrated 5-to-3.3V power regulator
•    On-chip Phase Clock Loop (PLL) providing multiple clock source with single 12 MHz clock input
•    Improved output drivers with slew-rate control for EMI reduction
•    Internal power-fail detection for ESD recovery (watch dog timer)
•    64 pin (7x7mm) LQFP and 48 pin (7x7mm) LQFP lead-free, RoHS compliant package

USB Hub Features
•    On-chip power-on reset (POR) USB hub Features
   –     4 downstream ports that fully compliant to USB specification Revision 2.0
   –     Multiple Transaction Translator (MTT) architecture that enhance performance
   –    Upstream port supports both high speed (HS) and full speed (FS) traffic
   –     Downstream ports support HS, FS, and low speed(LS) traffic
   –     Support 1 device address for hub, 1 device address for general purpose
   ♦   1 control pipe(endpoint 0: 64-byte data payload) and 1 interrupt pipe(endpoint 1: 1-byte data payload)
   ♦    1 control pipe(endpoint 0: 64-byte data payload) and 3 interrupt pipe(endpoint 2: 64-byte data payload; endpoint 3, 4: 8-byte data payload)
   –     backward compatible to USB specification Revision 1.1

USB General Purpose Device Features
•    Conforms to USB HID Class Specification, Revision 1.1
•    I/O ports
   –     Up to 17 pins for general purpose I/O pin (LQFP64 package)
   –     Remote wakeup capability
   –     up to 6 pins can remote wakeup
   –     Unused I/O pins can be configured as status LED (see Ch3 pin descriptions for detail)

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