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GL3620 is a high performance USB 3.0 UVC compliant controller for PC, NB or all other USB camera applications. With the Genesys Logic’s highly recognized self-developed USB super-speed and high-speed transceiver, GL3620 provides video performance up to 384Megabyte per second, which is close to 90 fps at 1080p. GL3620 implements USB3.0 Isochronous mode which provides guaranteed bandwidth for users to get smooth video experience even when other high bandwidth devices are running concurrently on the same USB3.0 host.


USB2.0 isochronous transfer is limited to 24MB/sec, while USB3.0 increases isochronous throughput with three burst of 128MB/sec per service interval, for a total of 384MB/sec.


Take 30fps, 1080p as an illustration by using USB2.0 and USB3.0. USB2.0 isochronous transfer needs compression engine and always sacrifice the image quality. GL3620 can easily streaming 60MB/sec of raw, uncompressed 1080p video data, and keep primary image quality.


GL3620 is compliant with USB Video Class 1.1, can work with Microsoft native driver that already bundled in WinXP 32/64, Vista 32/64, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operation systems. It makes you use USB PC camera as you use an USB flash disk. Additionally, the GL3620 provides an alternative proprietary driver to meet better image performance and special function requirement.

  USB Function
- Compliant with USB 3.0 SuperSpeed
- Compliant with USB 2.0 high-speed and full-speed
- Complaint with USB Video Class 1.1
- Support USB 2.0 & USB3.0 configurable Isochronous/Bulk Video pipe
- USB 3.0 SuperSpeed EndPoint for both Isochronous and Bulk
   0 : Control
   1 : Isoch IN or Bulk IN Video Stream
   2 : Bulk IN
   3 : Interrupt
   4 : Audio
   5 : Bulk OUT
- Embedded Dolphin 8051 micro-controller
- 3.3V/1.2V operation
- Support on-line firmware upgrade(full firmware upgrade)
- The sensor, UVC, property control setting are stored in external SPI flash
- Support alternative proprietary driver to enhance image performance
Sensor Interface
- Two 2-channel MIPI D-PHY with speed up to 1Gbps for each MIPI channel
- One 10-bit parallel sensor interface
- One 16-bit YUV parallel interface
   Internal Memories
- 48KB SRAM for Video Streaming
- 32KB ROM for 8051 Firmware code and sensor settings
 Hardware Image Signal Processing Engine (HISP)
- Bayer Pattern Interpolation
- Dynamic defect pixel correction
- Programmable R/G/B Gamma table
- AWB window statistics
- Color correction matrix for RGB input
- Noise reduction
- Edge enhancement
- AE window statistics
- Auto Focus
- Color gain control
- Scaling
- Lens Shading
- One Motion JPEG compression encoder for full HD video
Frame Rate
- Single sensor interface up to uncompressed YUV 1080p @90 fps
- Dual sensor interface up to uncompressed YUV 1080p @30 fps
Platform Support 
- WinXP32/64, Vista 32/64, Windows 7, Windows 8, WinCE
- MacOS X 10.4.8 and later
- Linux/Android UVC driver
Sensor Support 
- Most OmniVision, Aptina, Sony, Samsung CMOS sensors
- 128LQFP : 16mm x 16mm x 0.8mm
- 64LQFN : 8mm x 8mm x 0.8mm
- 46LQFN : 4.5mm x 6.5mm x 0.66mm

Major Usage Models
-   Single sensor
    ♦ Up to 1920x1080 full HD HISP support
    ♦  Motion JPEG is an option when connected to USB2.0 host
    ♦  Higher resolution sensors won’t have HISP support
    ♦  1-lane or 2-lane MIPI or parallel connections
-   Dual sensors
    ♦  SoC sensors are preferred for dual-sensor applications
    ♦  Sensor 1 has up to 1920x1080 full HD HISP support, sensor 2 doesn’t have HISP support
    ♦  Motion JPEG is an option when connected to USB2.0 host for sensor 1, full HD is the largest resolution to support
    ♦  Higher resolution sensors won’t have HISP support
    ♦  1-lane or 2-lane MIPI for both sensor connections, parallel connections are not applicable to either sensor
    ♦  3-D applications require a sync signal between two sensors to guarantee frame sync
    ♦  USB 3.0 HUB GL3520 or GL3521G can be used for dual RAW sensor applications; sensor 1 connected to first GL3620; sensor 2   connected to second GL3620; both GL3620 connected to the downstream ports of GL3520

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