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Intelligent ChargingAuto-detect Apple iDevice, Samsung and BC compliant devices
Time Saving with Fast Charging –Save at most 66% charging time

The GL888E is a USB fast-charging controller which complies with USB Battery Charging Specification (abbrev. as BC). Before the USB BC is released, most handheld devices have different charging mechanisms that are not compliant with each other. Generally speaking, old wall-chargers are useless when you have new handheld devices. Now with a USB enabled wall-charger, it provides unified charging mechanism by traditional USB current supply (0.5A) when charging devices through USB ports. With a USB enabled wall-charger which complies with USB BC, it provides unified charging mechanism by more USB current supply (up to 1.5A) when charging devices through USB ports, so called “fast-charging” mechanism. In another word, GL888E is a high performance solution for “fast-charging” mechanism and it saves at most 66% charging time.


USB BC is adopted by OMTP, GSMA, CTIA and People’s Republic of China, so handheld devices around the world now have unified charging mechanism. No more redundant wall chargers for better environment.


Desktop, notebooks, netbooks and LCD TVs/Monitors are commonly used to supply charging current to handheld devices through USB ports. They stand like wall-chargers, so GL888E can also provide “fast-charging” mechanism under these systems. Furthermore, GL888E supports USB keyboard/mouse remote wake up under system S3 state, hassle free design for this value-added feature.


The GL888E also supports auto-detect and charging for Apple and Samsung devices which are not compliant with USB BC. That’s why GL888E provides more design flexibility for system manufactures.

Auto detect and charge for Apple, Samsung, and BC compliant devices, 
Auto renegotiation 
High bandwidth USB 2.0 data switch 
Support Smart CDP for legacy non-BC compliant devices 
Support USB keyboard/mouse remote wake up 
Ultra low power consumption 
Available in 10 pin DFN (3x3 mm). Please also check GL888F (available in 5 pin SOT23) with similar function
Target application 
- Desktop 
- Notebook
- Netbook 
- LCD monitors/TVs 
- Docking station 
- BD player/recorder 
- USB universal wall charger 
- Power bank
- Wall watt

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