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GL862E is a high performance USB 2.0 UVC compliant controller for PC Camera and NB camera application. With the Genesys Logic’s highly recognized self-developed USB high-speed transceiver, GL862E provides up to 30 fps at VGA or capture still images at 2 Mega pixels for fulfilling the mass bandwidth demand of video transferring. GL862E provides certain bandwidth to insure user can get satisfied usage experience on video application even running high bandwidth consumption devices concurrently.
GL862E is compliant with USB Video Class 1.1, can work with Microsoft native driver that already bundled in WinXP 32/64, Vista 32/64 and Windows 7 operation systems. It makes you use USB PC Camera as you use an USB flash disk. Additionally, the GL862E provides an alternative proprietary driver to meet better image performance and special function requirement.
GL862E provides the most cost effective solution by the self-developing OCCS (on chip clock source) and 2-channel voltage regulator. Both the external crystal and the voltage regulators for sensor power could be optionally removed by customer decision.
GL862E supports configurable isochronous/bulk video pipe. In isochronous transfer mode, transfer rate can only reach 24MB/sec according to USB2.0 specification. In bulk transfer mode, it will have chance to get transfer rate higher than 24MB/sec, and get higher frame rate than isochronous mode at same resolution.   
GL862E integrates a flexible sensor interface to make it easily to couple with versatile CMOS sensors on market. The GL862E is low power consumption and low operation temperature that efficiently avoid the noise signals of sensor induced by USB camera controller.

● USB Function
-  Compliant with USB 2.0 high-speed and full-speed
-  Complaint with USB Video Class 1.1
-  Support USB 2.0 configurable Isochronous/Bulk Video pipe
-   Embedded dolphin 8051, operate @ 15, 30 MHz clock
-   Built-in 5-3.3V regulator
-   3.3V/1.8V operation
-   Built-in PLL – support frequency (20~100MHz)
-   OCCS (on-chip clock source) function and no need of 12MHz crystal clock input.
-   Built-in 2 channel regulator (1.2V~1.8V, 2.5V~2.8V)
-   Support in-system programmable firmware upgrade( full FW upgrade and partial FW upgrade)
-   The sensor, UVC, property control setting could be stored in external EEPROM or SPI flash
-   Support alternative proprietary driver to enhance image performance 
  Sensor Interface
-   Support up to 2M CMOS Soc-Sensor
-   Support UVC uncompressed YUY2 payload
-   Support UVC MJPEG payload
-   Support up to 54MHz pixel clock from sensor
-   Support I2C for sensor control 
  Frame Rate
-   Non-UVC mode, worked with proprietary driver
    Support YUV/RGB/I420 format
    Video stream up to:12 fps in UXGA, 15 fps in SXGA, 30 fps in VGA
-   UVC Class mode, worked with OS native driver
    Support UVC uncompressed YUY2 payload
    Video stream up to:5 fps in UXGA, 7 fps in SXGA, 30 fps in VGA (isochronous mode)
    Video stream up to:15 fps in SXGA, 60 fps in VGA (bulk mode)
-   Still image captured up to UXGA
   USB Certification
-    Pass the WHQL test of WinXP, Vista and Windows 7
-    Pass the USB-IF UVC test
   Platform Support 
-    WinXP32/64, Vista 32/64, Windows 7, WinCE
-    MacOS X 10.4.8 and later
-    Linux UVC driver
-    46 pin LQFN (4.5x6.5mm)
-    48 pin LQFP (7x7mm)
-    28 pin QFN (4 x4mm) 

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