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Genesys Logic's GL800HT25 Silicon Intellectual Product Receives USB-IF Certification Date:2003/03/27

[ Taipei, Taiwan ]

Taiwan's leading USB 2.0 Chip design company-Genesys Logic announced today that another of its USB 2.0 physical layer transmitter chips (Product No: GL800HT25) approved by USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum) and obtained a certificate. Comparing to other similar products, this design is the smallest and the most electricity-efficient silicon intellectual product that has obtained the certificate.


Genesys Logic pointed out that its product GL800HT25 was developed solely by using 0.25£gm routing provided by TSMC. The product not only fully supports USB 2.0/1.1 specification and also adopts UTMI as its standard interface. GL800HT25, one of the high-efficient designs of Genesys Logic products, can be applied to PC peripheral devices as well as consumable electronic devices and intellectual appliances.


In addition, because of the increasing demand of SoC, obtaining and integrating essential IP have become the main competing power for many chip manufacturers and IC design companies. Genesys Logic is the only IC design company that has the ability to develop USB 2.0 core technology. It will provide its clients with complete USB2.0 solutions, which will assist them to integrate GL800HT25 into various devices, assure quality control and shorten the developing schedule. Moreover, products developed can be certified by USB-IF with the least amount of time.


The key issue to develop the USB2.0 chip is on the control of the physical layer. The USB2.0 IP designed by Genesys Logic has already been adopted and approved by world-class manufacturers. Recently many customers authorized by Genesys Logic have successively completed their product development and entered into the ultimate manufacturing stage. Therefore, Genesys Logic, by all means, possesses superior competing power in USB2.0 interface skills, no matter on development cost control, technique capability and support to correspondent companies.

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