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Genesys Logic and Mentor Graphics Provide Integrated USB 2.0 IP Solutions Jointly Date:2002/12/05

[ Taipei, Taiwan ]

Genesys Logic and Mentor Graphics today announced technology collaboration for an integrated physical layer (PHY) and controller solution of USB 2.0 applications. Based on the GL800 licensed IP that provided by Genesys Logic, the coming highly integrated chips conform to USB 2.0 standards, and can be used for variety of high-speed and consumer applications such as digital cameras, MP3 players, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and storage devices.


As PHY is the core technology of handling analog data in USB 2.0 chips, and is the key to success of USB 2.0 chip development, only few suppliers have the related technology to solve the difficulties of its inside knowledge. With the use and certification by global companies, showing that Genesys Logic is no doubt the leading IC design company with its core USB 2.0 technology, and is one of the few companies that providing well-developed USB 2.0 IP in the world.


"Genesys Logic was involved in developing USB 2.0 technologies before the specification was finalized. Our efforts have paid dividends and our products are in mass production presently, gaining recognition from many system developers." said Forster Shih, President of Genesys Logic. "Due to the market trend of SoC and high-end products, now we are developing deep sub-micron IP, to meet the demands of IP markets as well."


"The GL800 USB 2.0 UTMI Compliant Transceiver integrates high-speed, mixed-signal circuit to serve as the interface between high performance USB and 16-bit Serial Interface Engine (SIE) bus. It handles the low level USB protocol and signaling, which includes features such as data serialization and de-serialization, bit stuffing, and clock recovery and synchronization. Customers can collocate the GL800 with other ASSP or ASIC chips to open the market for peripherals that require higher throughput at lower cost, and can know the remarkable time-to-market advantage well."


About Genesys Logic
Founded in 1997, Genesys Logic, Inc. (GLI) strives to be the pioneer in developing system controller IC and interface controller IC products such as USB, IEEE 1394 and etc. Till now it receives official certification for 9 USB 2.0 products, and become the leader of USB technology worldwide. Also, GLI is one of the few companies that providing well-developed USB 2.0 IP in the world.


About Mentor Graphics 
Established in 1981, Mentor Graphics Corporation employs approximately 3,700 people worldwide. It is a world leader in electronic hardware and software design solutions, providing IP and EDA products and consulting services for the worlds most successful electronics and semiconductor companies. Worldwide web site http://www.mentor.com.

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