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Genesys Logic Announces PCI Express Project Date:2002/09/26

[ Taipei, Taiwan ]

Genesys Logic, Inc. (GLI) and its US subsidiary, Genesys Logic America, Inc. (GLA) today announced PCI Express development project and the mass production time jointly. The first product will be presented to market in Q2, 2003.


GLA has endorsed and become a member of the newly formed Intel Developer Network for PCI Express technology among 30 plus industry leading computing and communications companies. GLI and GLA will make concerted efforts to develop the PCI Express products.


"By offering low-cost, compatible and scalable performance, we believe PCI Express is the next step in the evolution of I/O architecture. With the sophisticated and successful experience in USB 1.1, IEEE 1394 and USB 2.0 technology, GLI will devote to develop PCI Express products to meet the demands of our customers as well." said Forster Shih, President of GLI.


GLI will specialize in IP development of PCI Express in the first place. In view of the high-level requirements, GLI will provide Macro that applying to 0.18μm process as their first product for customers in Q2, 2003. Continually, in order to meet the various demands of customers, GLI will develop various PCI express products for conforming to different wafer factory and process.


About PCI Express
PCI Express (formerly known as 3GIO) is a new serial I/O technology that popularizes by Intel Developer Network for PCI Express technology. It replaces the current PCI parallel technology and improves the speed of transmission. PCI Express is compatible with PCI software layers, offering low-cost, scalable performance for the next generation of computing and communications platforms. More information about PCI Express please refer at www.pcisig.com or http://developer.intel.com.


About GLI 
Founded in 1997, GLI strives to be the pioneer in developing system controller IC and interface controller IC products such as USB, IEEE 1394 and etc. It has received official certification for 8 USB 2.0 products in 2002, and become the leader of USB technology worldwide.  Also, GLI is one of the few companies that can provide well-developed USB 2.0 IP in the world.

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