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Genesys Logic's USB 2.0 UTMI Transceiver Chip Receives Certification Date:2002/08/27

[ Taipei, Taiwan ]

Being the pioneer in developing USB 2.0 IC solutions, Genesys Logic, Inc. (GLI) announced it received official certification for its GL800, UTMI (USB 2.0 Transceiver Macrocell Interface) Transceiver Chip by USB Implementers Forum, Inc. Till now, GLI receives 8 certifications and becomes the market leader of its certified USB 2.0 chips.


The GL800 chip complies with UTMI specification that proposed by Intel. It applies to UMC's 0.35μm process and integrates high-speed, mixed-signal circuit to serve as the interface between high performance USB and 16-bit Serial Interface Engine (SIE) bus. With standard UTMI specification and fast transmission rate, the GL800 can be used for such variety of high-speed applications as DSC, PC cameras, scanners, printers, flash card readers and external storage media (e.g. DVD, CD-R / CD-RW). That also means customers can collocate the GL800 with other ASSP or ASIC chips to open the market for peripherals that require higher throughput at lower cost, and can receive certification of their own end products easily with the certified GL800 chip.


The GL800 is available for IP license as well. As a licensed IP, the GL800 ensures customers short research period, low research fund but excellent quality while integrating the IP with their products. "GLI offers the well-developed IP solution by mastering the core technology of USB 2.0." said Forster Shih, President of GLI. The GL800 offers a fast and complete solution with superior technical support from GLI's special customer service team, which assists customers in accomplishing perfect compatibility between GL800 and their products with sophisticated experience in USB compatible tests.


"Universal Serial Bus has been the most successful interface in the history of PCs, and USB 2.0 is poised to succeed the first generation USB standard. PCs will adopt the standard quickly, with PC peripherals and consumer electronics following closely behind." said Brian O'Rourke, an In-Stat/MDR senior analyst.  Therefore, in the "Year of USB 2.0", GLI is no doubt the leading IC design company with its self-developed USB 2.0 technology.



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