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Three Genesys Logic USB 2.0 Products Achieve Certification Date:2002/04/08

[ Taipei, Taiwan ]

In the USB (Universal Serial Bus) Compliance Workshop organized in Taipei by USB-IF (the official organization for USB), which ended last week, Genesys Logic (a world leader in IC design and USB interface chip solutions) once again achieved certification for three products. Genesys Logic now stands at the forefront of the global market with more products certified than any other IC design companies.


In the recent USB Compliance Workshop, Genesys Logic entered three innovative products for testing - high-speed USB 2.0 five-in-one flash memory card reader controller (GL812), high-speed USB 2.0 two-in-one flash memory card reader controller (GL816) and high-speed USB 2.0 scanner control chip (GL841). All three products passed the rigorous USB-IF testing procedures with ease, and were awarded USB-IF high-speed USB product certification. These three products join three other Genesys Logic’s products, which had already been awarded USB-IF certification-- high-speed USB 2.0 to IEEE 1284 bridge chip (GL660), high-speed USB 2.0 ATA/ATAPI control chip (GL811) and high-speed USB 2.0 CF card reader controller chip (GL813). The six products encompass bridge chips, external storage, flash memory card readers and scanners. In both the number and range of its products, Genesys Logic is truly the pre-eminent world leader.


Genesys Logic President Forster Shih says: "When the USB 2.0 specification was being drawn up, Genesys Logic was invited to participate. Not only were we able to secure key technology at the same time as the leading international manufacturers, we were also able to get started on R&D work right away." After a lot of time and effort devoted to development, Genesys Logic's USB 2.0 high-speed products have already entered mass production. And these products have now received recognition from the official USB organization. Genesys Logic is now concentrating its efforts on developing USB 2.0 host controller and USB 2.0 hub controller. Samples of these new products will be available soon and Genesys Logic expects them to secure certification at the next Compliance Workshop.

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