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Genesys Logic Delivers a Full Range of High-Speed Storage Solutions After Continuously Launching USB 2.0 Products Date:2002/02/06

[ Taipei, Taiwan ]

Genesys Logic has obviously played a crucial role as a leader of High-Speed storage solutions since its controller ICs of USB 2.0 ATA/ATAPI and USB 2.0 Card Readers received official USB-IF certification.


Following the achievement that its USB 2.0 ATA/ATAPI controller IC (Product ID: GL811) received USB-IF certification in Milpitas, California, USA at the end of January, Genesys Logic scored again with the certification of its USB 2.0 Card Reader controller IC (Product No.: GL813). In addition to GL813, the company's High-Speed storage solutions to come out in this quarter include USB 2.0 five-in-one (CF/SM/MMC/SD/MS) Card Reader controller IC, USB 2.0 three-in-one (SD/MMS/MS)/two-in-one (CF/SM) Card Reader controller IC and USB 2.0 Flash Silicon Storage controller IC, as its plan for product delivery suggests.  These products cover almost all possible USB 2.0 applications in terms of storage.


According to Genesys Logic, certified GL811 and GL813 are packed with 48pin LQFP.  Both of them are coupled with UTMI USB 2.0 Transceiver, a key component developed by Genesys Logic independently.  The transceiver has been applied to a spectrum of USB 2.0 products designed by the company, the only manufacturer capable of mass production of USB 2.0 UTMI Transceiver and mixed signal chips other than NEC in the global market.


Genesys Logic also pointed out that compatibility serves is the core of this product because of variability of storage devices.  Since both GL811 and GL813 have passed a whole suite of rigorous compliance tests, they feature excellent compatibility for clients' various needs for applications.  Both of the products have received USB-IF certification after achieving outstanding performance in numerous rigorous tests. Many products introducing GL811 and GL813 into mass production were also certified by USB-IF passed the USB-IF testing as well as interoperability tests with High-Speed products from other companies in the USB Compliance Workshop. The participating companies incorporated a number of well-known manufacturers of ATA/ATAP storage solutions and Flash Card Reader in Asia. Their success in certification has firmly proven the performance and quality of GL811 and GL813 as well as the fact that Genesys Logic's superior experience and leading technology in terms of USB 2.0 gained from long-term commitment and continuous effort have yielded significant achievement in products.


Apart from High-Speed USB 2.0 products, Genesys Logic will keep delivering a series of USB 1.1 Flash Card controller IC products and products integrating USB 1.1 Flash Silicon Storage controller IC to satisfy clients' various requirements.  Judging from these new products and IEEE 1394 ATA/ATAPI Controller IC, which was launched last year, one can believe that Genesys Logic acts as the leading provider of High-Speed storage solutions in light of its extensive and thorough product portfolios. Hence its USB 2.0 storage solutions are supposed to shine in 2002 since they will become the mainstream this year, as expected by the industry.

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