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Genesys Logic USB 2.0 Storage Solutions Receive USB-IF Certification Date:2002/01/24

[ Taipei, Taiwan ]

After its GL660 was certified as USB 2.0 high-speed device by USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum), Genesys Logic, Inc., a professional IC design company in industry, announced that its innovative GL811 USB 2.0 storage solutions have successfully passed the USB-IF compliance tests, which granted Genesys Logic the USB 2.0 certification.


GL811, the core of Genesys Logic USB 2.0 storage solutions, is a bridge controller of USB 2.0 to ATA/ATAPI developed independently by Genesys Logic.  It is used in mainstream ATA/ATAPI storage media to make these products compatible with the USB 2.0 standard.  The innovative product features high-speed USB 2.0 transmission of 480Mb/s and Plug-and-Play.  By combining it with the mainstream ATA/ATAPI storage devices, storage device manufactures are now able to save a great deal of time and cost of development when designing external storage packages that are easy to use and efficient while it was almost impossible to achieve this in the past.  The product definitely promises a new era of convenient and high-performance external storage devices for PC.


Genesis Logic introduced integrated IEEE 1394 storage solutions last year.  The company is the only domestic supplier of the solutions even though some competitors had claimed to develop similar products. "The key to success lies in how to combine stability and compatibility of the USB 2.0 high-speed interface." said Forster Shi, President of Genesys Logic. The company has accumulated expertise and experience since it launched the first generation IEEE 1394 storage solutions to support a spectrum of ATA/ATAPI storage products in the market. It is followed by Genesys Logic's advanced IEEE 1394 integrated storage solutions, which have triumphantly surpassed foreign competitors with superb compatibility.  Based on knowledge and experience of ATA/ATAPI together with its state-of-the-art USB 2.0 UTMI PHY (physical layer) transceiver technology, Genesys Logic has accomplished GL811, a perfect combination of high performance and excellent compatibility, when developing USB 2.0 storage solutions.


Genesys Logic's USB 2.0 storage product line includes GL881, flash memory card reader controllers and IEEE 1394 storage solutions. Beside the GL881, the test samples of flash memory card reader controllers will be available for clients in this quarter and IEEE 1394 storage solutions have successfully entered the phase of mass production.  Such extensive product portfolios provide clients with a full range of high-speed storage solutions.  With certified GL660 (USB 2.0 to IEEE 1284/DMA Bridge Controller IC), developing USB 2.0 scanner controller IC and USB 2.0 hub controller IC, Genesys Logic will have the most complete USB 2.0 product line in the coming era of USB 2.0 high-speed applications.

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