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Genesys Logic Scored a Success Again in USB 2.0 Certification Date:2001/12/10

[ Taipei, Taiwan ]

After Genesys Logic became the first Taiwan IC design company certified by USB-IF (USB Implementer Forum, an official USB organization) in September 2001, another glorious victory came out as a major scanner manufacturer passed strict certifying process by choosing the product portfolio of Genesys Logic.

USB 2.0 to IEEE 1284/DMA Bridge Controller IC (Product No.: GL660), an innovative product developed independently by Genesys Logic, received the certification from USB-IF after passing an extremely strict test of the Intel USB 2.0 Peripheral Integration Lab in the United States in September 2001. As a leading IC design company in Taiwan, Genesys Logic soon became the first IC designer awarded USB-IF certification and the very first USB certified provider of scanner solutions. Acer CM, a major scanner manufacturer in Taiwan, also obtained certification in October 2001 by applying GL660 to its latest high-end USB 2.0 scanner. Such achievement proves that GL660 has become the most effective device used by domestic peripheral manufacturers to upgrade their own products to USB 2.0 interface for high-speed transmission.

"The stability of GL660 has been widely recognized since many of Genesys Logic's clients passed USB 2.0 certification tests." said Mr. Forster Shi, President of Genesys Logic. The most commendable achievement is that the company develops its USB 2.0 technology independently while other firms have to access the core technology of USB 2.0 via foreign procurement. In addition to advantages of low cost and high performance in business competition, the core technology helps the company develop a full range of applications in terms of USB 2.0 high-speed interfaces.

As explained by Mr. Jordon Huang, Director of R&D Section 1, GL600 is currently applied to USB 2.0 solutions to scanners. Certain innovation in product design makes it possible to use GL600 for a spectrum of applications in high-speed transmission among various devices. First, the DMA mode of the product enhances flexibility in use by enabling users to customize functions. Secondly, the product features complete IEEE1284 module, which is compatible with devices with IEEE 1284 interface such as PC Cameras, MP3 players, scanners and external storage media. These products can easily upgraded to USB2.0 interface for higher performance and more value added.

Mr. Huang also said that Genesys Logic not only supplies its downstream vendors with GL660 chips for high-speed solutions but also welcomes contact for IP partnership from other IC design companies. The greatest benefit gained from such alliance is that IC companies of IEEE 1284 products are able to meet the minimal R&D (research and design) requirements without changing their original design when speeding up the process of production by integrating GL660 to their own products and converting them to USB 2.0 interface. This leads to considerable advantages in the IC design industry, which requires speedy accomplishment and a high technical profile.

※Founded in 1997, Genesys Logic, Inc. strives to develop system controller IC and interface controller IC products such as USB, IEEE 1394, etc. The company aims to satisfy customers' requirements as its top priority through customized designing process to keep its promise of  "Your Imagination, Our Creation".

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