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Genesys Logic GL660USB Received USB 2.0 Certification Date:2001/09/13

[ Taipei, Taiwan ]

After its USB 2.0 to IEEE 1284/DMA Bridge Controller IC passed an extremely strict test by USB-IF (USB Implementation Forum, an official USB organization), Genesys Logic, Inc. has become the first one IC design company which is certified by USB-IF in Taiwan.


USB 2.0 to IEEE 1284/DMA Bridge Controller IC (product No.: GL660USB), an innovative product of Genesys Logic, passed the test of the Intel USB 2.0 Peripheral Integration Lab in the United States on September 10 (PDT) and received the USB-IF (USB Implementation Forum, an official USB organization) certification. It proves that Genesys Logic is not only the first one IC design company that is certified by an official USB organization in Taiwan, but also is the No.1 scanner solution provider that granted the USB 2.0 certification worldwide. 


Genesys Logic develops its USB 2.0 technology independently while other firms access the core technology of USB 2.0 via foreign procurement, says Forster Shih, President of Genesys Logic. Due to great difficulty in developing USB 2.0 and limited expertise in technologies, a majority of Taiwanese and international IC design firms upgrade their USB 1.0 products to USB 2.0 by combining Silicon Intelligence Property (SIP) purchased abroad and self-owned/foreign-supplied Serial Interface Engine (SIE).  Such an approach limits the possibility of product development, leading to low R&D efficiency and high costs.  With much effort gone into developing innovative technologies for years, Genesys Logic eventually achieved the latest USB 2.0 Transceiver technology.  The core technology contributes to the company's competence in costs and performance by providing a full range of applications in terms of high-speed interfaces. 


Genesys Logic's GL660USB was tested with its client's scanner.  With its high-speed bandwidth of 480 Mbit/s (60MB/s), USB 2.0 has surpassed the bandwidth limit of the scanner's data transmission interface.  In the past, it took more than 2 minutes to finish scanning an A4-size and 600dpi picture.  Now it takes only 12 seconds to finishing scanning a picture of the same size and resolution and less than 45 seconds to scan a 1200dpi picture by using GL660USB with the scanner.  The important technical breakthrough witnesses a key transition in the scanning industry. 


"Genesys Logic is now reaping its harvest of various USB 2.0 products after going through a long R&D process.", says Mr. Chung-te Huang, Director of R&D Section 1.  The company's USB 2.0 external storage solutions and the controller IC of flash memory card reader will enter the stage of mass production in November. Based on GL660USB's accomplishment in USB-IF certification, it is for sure that other Genesys Logic products will pass stern USB-IF tests afterwards to be certified as high-speed USB products. 


※Founded in 1997, Genesys Logic, Inc. strives to develop system controller IC and interface controller IC products such as USB, IEEE 1394, etc.  The company aims to satisfy customers' requirements as its top priority through customized designing process to keep its promise of "Your Imagination, Our Creation".

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