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Genesys Logic Announced the World's First USB 3.0 Webcam Controller GL3620 Date:2011/12/27

[ Taipei, Taiwan ]

    Genesys Logic, Inc., a leading CMOS IC design company in mixed-signal high-speed I/O technologies, today announced its world first USB3.0 Isochronous webcam controller chip GL3620. The availability of GL3620 answers the requests for 5.0Gbps USB 3.0 Isochronous applications. 
    USB 3.0 is the latest technology from the USB family. Its bandwidth improvement is more than 10 times from USB 2.0. USB 3.0 has 4 different transfer modes. The Isochronous mode guarantees the bandwidth between host and device. The defined theoretical limit is about 380MB per second.


    GL3620 is the first USB 3.0 device in the industry which deploys USB 3.0 Isochronous transfer mode. Due to its guaranteed bandwidth transmission nature, GL3620 can deliver uncompressed 1080p (1920X1080) video stream at 30 frame per second. GL3620 complies with USB-IF Compliance Workshop. It can pass USB 3.0 CV test suite and works well with major USB 3.0 host controllers.


    GL3620 has built-in Hardware Image Signal Processing (HISP), which transforms RGB RAW data from CMOS sensors to interpolated YUV format. The HISP also has other features such as bad pixel correction, image scaling, gamma correction, image quality enhancement, etc. In order to be backward compatible with USB2.0 connection, GL3620 also includes a motion JPEG (MJPEG) encoder. The mass production version GL3620 will be available in Q2/2012, which will add support for MIPI D-PHY sensor interface to enable a broader range of sensor integration.


    Genesys Logic will exhibit GL3620 demo at CES 2012 in Las Vegas from January 10th to January 13th 2012. Along with GL3620, the demo will include USB 3.0 HUB GL3520, USB 3.0 SATA bridge chip GL3321 and USB 3.0 Flash Card Reader controller GL3220. The booth is inside USB-IF USB TechZone, in South Hall #3 with booth number 30769.

    GL3620 provides 64 pin QFN and 128-pin LQFP packages. For additional product information, please send emails to sales@genesysamerica.com or sales@genesyslogic.com.tw

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