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Genesys Logic and Syndiant Announce Mass Production of Pico Projector Chipset Date:2010/05/27

[ Taipei, Taiwan and Dallas ]

Genesys Logic, Inc. (TWO:6104) and Syndiant, Inc., the leader in high resolution microdisplays for pico projectors, today announced that they are in mass production on a series of LCOS based pico projector chipsets, which control Syndiant’s industry-leading VueG8 high resolution displays up to 1024X600.


In response to the fast-growing compact portable media device market, which includes products such as smartphones and digital cameras, the pico projector industry uses a variety of emerging technologies to offer consumers an alternative, flexible, large screen display on any nearby viewing surface. According to a recent DisplaySearch report, pico projectors will have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 70% for revenues and 88% for units from 2009 to 2018. The solutions developed by Syndiant and Genesys Logic are ideal for pico projectors.


Syndiant’s patented VueG8 technology is uniquely positioned to take advantage of both low cost LED and focus-free laser light sources. It also uses high volume semiconductor manufacturing to easily scale up the devices to meet the cost, size and performance needs of pico projectors. The VueG8 technology is designed to deliver more than 10 lumens per watt with an LED light source and more than 20 lumens per watt with a laser light source. Light engines that use this highly efficient technology are able to achieve high resolution, rich color saturation, high brightness at low power consumption, and with a very small footprint at low cost.


About Syndiant
Syndiant manufactures the world’s smallest and highest resolution light modulating chips used in ultra-portable projectors small enough to embed in a cell phone. Syndiant’s patented technologies will provide a large screen experience in handheld electronics, such as smartphones, notebook computers, portable media players, video game consoles and cameras. The company is headquartered in Dallas, with a branch office in Taiwan. For more information, visit www.syndiant.com.

 * VueG8 is a registered trademark of Syndiant.

About Genesys Logic
Founded in 1997, Genesys Logic Inc. (TWO:6104) a leading CMOS IC design company specialized in mixed-signal high-speed I/O technologies, develops system controller ICs and interface controller ICs for high-speed I/O applications, such as USB2.0, USB3.0, IEEE 1394, PCI Express, Serial ATA up to 6.0GBs and others. Its major products are scanner controllers, USB HUB, USB storage controllers. Genesys Logic has delivered more than 300 million chips since its inception, and has been dedicated to bring the latest technologies to its customers. Genesys Logic is an early investor in Syndiant and also co-developed Syndiant’s SYA1012 and SYA1022 LCOS controller chips. Dedicated to providing more affordable and better models of pico projectors to consumers, Genesys Logic improves the pico projector’s internal mechanisms and adds creativity to the eco-system, and pledges to provide the best values to the customers.

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