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Genesys Logic's GL860A USB 2.0 PC Camera Controller Has Been Adopted by Large Notebook Computer Manufacturers Date:2008/04/09

[ Taipei, Taiwan ]
Genesys Logic, Taiwan's leading manufacturer of high-speed I/O communication, has announced that their USB 2.0 PC Camera Controller (product code: GL860A) has been certified by several of its customers. Presently, the product has been adopted by many domestic and foreign large notebook computer manufacturers and has been successfully mass produced. Apart from being used in mainstream notebook computers on the market, GL860A has also been used in simple notebook computers and low-cost laptops which have high growth potential in the future and Mobile Internet Devices (MID) which attach much importance to high mobility. Currently, the shipment volume of GL860A is increasing steadily. This indicates that Genesys Logic will have an optimistic prospect in the video/image IC market.
GL860A Backend IC has been certified by USB-IF UVC (USB Video Class) and Microsoft Vista 32/64 WHQL. The product has built-in microprocessors and can support mainstream CMOS video/image sensors in the market such as products of Micron Technology, OmniVision Technology, Samsung, and etc. GL860A is compatible with Windows Vista 32 and 64 bit OS built in UVC drivers, and customers can also choose Genesys Logic's driver to enjoy better image quality or other functions such as face tracking, digital zoom, or special effects.
Genesys Logic points out that GL860A is low power consuming and generates less heat, thus it can more effectively solve the conduction problem caused by heated sensors. It is one of the few chips on the market that are designed specifically for cameras built into notebook computers. GL860A comes in the ultra small package as 48 pin LQFN (7x7mm) or 46 pin LQFN (6.5x4.5mm), which can meet the needs of industrial product design.

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