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Genesys Logic Announces the 4th Generation All-in-one Card Reader Chip Date:2007/10/04

[ Taipei, Taiwan ]
Genesys Logic announces their successful development of the 4th generation USB2.0 all-in-one (CF/MD, SD/MMC, mSD, MS/MS PRO/MS PRO-HG, SM/xD) card reader control chip (product code: GL826). As a successor of GL819 that is known for its high-efficiency transmission and compatibility, the key feature of the new chip is the integration of the 5V/3.3V regulator and power MOSFET in one single chip, resulting in a great drop in the production cost in the clients' end. Moreover, in order to respond to the fast market growth of smaller memory cards such as microSD or MMC Mobile, GL826 has both an 8bit and a 4bi SD slots that give our customers more options in terms of product design and applications.

GL826 meets the latest standards for different types of memory cards, including Secure Digital 2.0 (SDHC), MultiMediaCard 4.2, Ultra DMA Mode CF, and MSPRO-HG Duo that was released this September. It also supports memory cards made by major international brands such as SanDisk Extreme IV, Ducati CF card, and SONY MSPRO-HG. As for the actual testing of GL826, its performance with SanDisk Extreme IV CF reaches the access speed of 34Mbyte/27Mbyte and 35Mbyte/24Mbyte with SONY MSPRO-HG. In terms of certifications, it is already certified by USB-IF, xD1.21A, Windows Vista Logo, etc.


GL826 comes with two types of packaging -- LQFP128 and LQFP48. The LQFP128 packaging can be made into a card-reader with five slots (CF/MD, SD/MMC, mSD, MS/MS PRO/MS PRO-HG 4bit 40MHz, SM/xD), and a client who wishes to support the latest MS PRO-HG 8bit 60MHz spec can use LQFP128 to make a 4-slot model (CF/MD, SD/MMC, MS/MS PRO/MS PRO-HG 8bit 60MHz, SM/xD) or LQFP48 to make a 2-slot model (SD/MMC, MS/MS PRO/MS PRO-HG 8bit 60MHz). The friendly design allows greater flexibility and differentiation in our clients' product features and specifications.  
Different from the original external card-readers that focus on the single market, the design of GL826 meets the demand of having built-in card readers in personal computers, printers, all-in-1 business machines, digital appliances, and multimedia DVD players. This kind of excellent integration, low power-consumption, and power management functions have provided the most optimal solution for different kinds of computer products and peripherals that require high-speed transmission and performance. 

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