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SMedia and Genesys Logic Jointly Conduct High-Quality Digital Photo Frame Project Date:2007/05/29

[ Taipei, Taiwan ]

SMedia announces its collaboration with Genesys Logic. The top core technologies from both sides will be integrated to deliver the sophisticated and innovative "digital photo frame" project.


Through this highly technical integration, both parties will demonstrate to the clients this software/hardware solution that is drastically different from existing picture frame presentations. This solution includes the full hardware accelerated graphic chip 3210 designed by SMedia that completely supports 2D, JPEG, Motion JPEG, MPEG4, and MP3, and the GL824 chip delivered by Genesys Logic. This device has already won great acclaim among the industry for its all-in-one card-reading and high speed USB2.0 OTG function.


Currently, the users of digital photo frame products have the highest demand for "memory card compatibility" and "photo playback speed and special effects". In terms of photo playback, SMedia uses pure hardware acceleration for decoding, and through the 2D graphics engine, not only can the digital photos of different formats be played back smoothly, but different types of PC-level transition effects can also be expressed. In terms of memory card and USB compatibility, Genesys Logic has not only already received complete USB-IF/WHQL/NSTL certification, but it is also currently the provider of card-readers and USB controllers recognized by world-class consumer electronic brands. This ensures that customers will have complete compatibility and functional use of their memory card and USB.


Bo-wei Huang, SMedia general manager, states: "Our collaboration with Genesys Logic this time has integrated both parties' core technologies. Within a short time, we will be able to deliver the finished products that are highly recognized by the industry and our customers. I believe that this collaboration project, which has generated great effects, will have profound influence on the expansion of the digital photo frame market."


Through integrating the advantages of both sides, SMedia and Genesys Logic have successfully delivered the high-performance, customized photo frames within the shortest amount of time. Many customers have adopted our design, and it is estimated that other related products will be seen at the end of the third quarter.


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About SMedia
A major investment of UMC, SMedia is the leading manufacturer of digital core logic products in the greater China area. The Glamo® series designed specifically for hand-held devices is the world's first multimedia processor that highly integrates H.264 decoding, ISP(AE/AWB/AF), JPEG decoder, MPEG4 decoder, sound engine, and 2D/3D graphic engine. Complete with relevant solutions, Glamo® has been widely used and certified by world-class companies. In the second quarter of 2007, a second consumer electronics production line has been established. For more information, please log onto: http://www.smediatech.com.


About Genesys Logic
Genesys Logic is the leading high-speed I/O communications manufacturer. Its diverse products are all based on core technologies, and its high-speed USB 2.0 OTG storage chip is the first privately-developed product in the greater China area that has been USB 2.0 OTG certified. With its leading status, Genesys Logic is the best-performing company in Taiwan in terms of USB 2.0 chips. The IC developed and marketed by Genesys Logic is the key component used in computer peripherals, consumer electronics, system manufacturers, and network suppliers.

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