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Genesys Logic's GL860A USB 2.0 PC Camera Controller Certified by USB-IF UVC and Vista Date:2007/01/11

[ Taipei, Taiwan ]

Genesys Logic, Taiwan's leading manufacturer of high-speed I/O communication, has announced that their USB 2.0 PC Camera Controller (product code: GL860A) has been certified by USB-IF UVC (USB Video Class) and Microsoft Vista 32/64 WHQL.


In terms of the certification of USB-IF UVC, testing for UVC standard and compatibility is also included besides the testing of basic USB signal and standard. GL860A supports the UVC driver programs that are supported by USB Video Class 1.1 and work with Windows OS. Genesys Logic states that GL860A supports both USB High speed and Full speed interfaces, and it goes into energy saving mode immediately when no video is being played back, reducing power consumption to below 0.5mA. When the video starts to be played back, GL860A instantly returns to work and resume the operation.


In terms of the certification of Microsoft Vista 32/64 WHQL, GL860A works under Windows Vista 32 and 64 bit OS built in UVC Drivers. Clients can use the UVC driver built into Windows XP/Vista or Genesys Logic's driver to enjoy better image quality or other functions such as face tracking, digital zoom, or special effects.


Genesys Logic states that GL860A has built-in micro controllers that support CMOS image sensors built by major companies such as Micron Technology, OmniVision Technology, Samsung, Philips, and Sharp. Also, GL860A has USB 2.0 communication protocol that allows taking still photos and detecting the reversing of the camera module. The highest resolution supported is UXGA (1600x1200).


GL860A is low power consuming and generates less heat, thus it can more effectively solve the conduction problem caused by heated sensors. Thus, it is one of the few chips on the market that are designed specifically for cameras built into notebook computers. GL860A's level of power consumption when operating is 55mA, making it the USB interface computer video camera control chip that has the lowest level of power consumption. In terms of transmission speed, GL860A reaches 15 frame/sec when working with 1.3M CMOS sensor module; it reaches 10 frame/sec when working with 2M CMOS sensor module.


Moreover, GL860A comes in the ultra small package as 48 pin LQFN (7x7mm) or 46 pin LQFN(6.5x4.5mm), which allowing designers to simplify the design of their products.

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