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Genesys Logic's Official Status as Sony's Green Partner Date:2006/07/07

[ Taipei, Taiwan ]

In order to work with Sony's high-standards policy of supplier management, the Production Management Department of Genesys Logic has been introducing the standards that meet Sony's "Green Partner Environmental Protection Management System" since last year. With the relentless efforts of our colleagues and other departments in the implementation of the relevant policies, on May 11th of this year, Genesys Logic officially passed Sony's stringent evaluations and was awarded the "Green Partner Certificate," thus officially becoming a partner in Sony's Green Supply Chain!


Sony's "Green Partner System" is an important policy of external purchase in which the target of purchase must be certified by Sony's Green Partner System. This system utilizes methods and strategies of supply chain management and systematically solves the environmental issues related to the products through regulative standards and tests. Covering suppliers' internal management procedures, this system is designed based on environmental policies and is practiced in the management of daily operations. It also works with environmental testing, monitoring, and verification procedures of products in order to allow corrective measures to take place. Sony's suppliers and partners currently have to renew their Green Partner Certificates every two years in order to ensure their products will not inflict any harm upon the environment.


Since the environmental standards, production environment, and managerial systems for green products have become important trends in the development of the industry, certain international leading companies have not only become the first ones who employ environmentally-friendly electronic components, but who also treat the capacity of providing environmentally-friendly products and product systems as the important criterion in selecting suppliers. Among which, Sony's Green Partner Certificate is the most valued because of their global, strict standards. Being able to pass this strict certification process has proven that Genesys Logic's effort in environmental protection has been acknowledged and that a solid foundation for collaborating with major international corporations such as Sony has been established! 

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