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Genesys Logic's High Integration USB 2.0 OTG Storage Controller passed Microsoft's WHQL certification, and has been officially launched and mass produced into the market Date:2006/02/24

[ Taipei, Taiwan ]

Genesys Logic, Inc., the domestic leading manufacturer of high-speed I/O communication, announced that its USB 2.0 OTG Storage Controller (Product No: GL825) passed Microsoft's WHQL certification, and has been mass produced and launched in the market officially.


There are three main advantages to Genesys Logic's USB 2.0 OTG solution: 1) High Integration - It is the first OTG controller that integrates USB 2.0 OTG function, USB 2.0 multi-card reader interface, ATA/ARAPT interface, and 16bit FIFO interface into a single chip. Apart from being used as Storage Peripheral for IDE interface and all kinds of memory cards, it can also be used with various system products in combination with a multi-media chip. This is a first that enables data to be transmitted across multiple interfaces, raising the usability and convenience of the final product. 2) High File Transmission Proficiency - File transfer from OTG Port or memory card interface to IDE interface has highest transmission speed reaching 10MB/s. This greatly reduces wait time and power consumption. 3) Low Component Cost - The Genesys Logic USB 2.0 OTG solution is easily integrated. It has simple circuits, and a concise amount of outside parts. This drastically lowers customer production costs, accelerates development speed, and raises product competitiveness.


Genesys Logic provides products that apart from being used in the portable electronics market, and also provides a USB 2.0 Port and Multi-Card Reader interface for TV, STB, DVD player and burner due to its ease of integration. This provides economical, highly efficient multi-media file playback or transference usage.

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