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Genesys Logic Low Power USB 2.0 Digital TV Controller IC being awarded the Bus Power certification by USB-IF Date:2006/02/14

[ Taipei, Taiwan ]

Genesys Logic, Inc., the domestic leading manufacturer of high-speed I/O communication, announced that its USB 2.0 Digital TV Controller IC (product no.: GL861) has been certified by USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum). In addition, Genesys Logic is not only being approved in excellent compatibility for its products, but has also become one of the few manufacturers that are awarded the Bus Power certification of DTV products globally.


GL861 is collocated with the Newsoft AP's DVB-T digital TV module to provide the micro package solution of 48PIN LQFP (7x7mm). Aiming at the functional specifications of the USB Power Device, USB-IF has required many critical tests, aside from the basic signal testing of USB. It has also included the USB interface which can support the high-speed and full-speed mode simultaneously, and is able to enter the Power Save mode while displaying the power consumption which shall be less than 0.5mA; in addition, it shall display functionally while in the recover mode.


The abovementioned functions ensure the compatibility and stability of GL861 in the current dongle market, as well as collocates with the manufacturers which can provide low power consumption (<0.6W) RF. This will bring upon the greatest market opportunity for those system providers of the motherboard and notebook computer with built-in DTV function.

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