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Genesys Logic's low power consumption USB 2.0 PC Camera Controller passed Microsoft WHQL certification, and officially launched and mass produced into the market Date:2005/11/22

[ Taipei, Taiwan ]
A leading domestic company with high speed I/O communication- Genesys Logic, announced its USB 2.0 PC Camera Controller (Product No: GL860) passed the WHQL certification, as well as mass produced and launched in the market officially.

GL860 embeds with built-in microcontroller, and supports with wide range CCD/CMOS image sensors including Micron Technology, OmniVision Technology, Samsung, Philips, Sharp and ESS Technology. By way of USB 2.0 transmission, GL860 can be collocated and used for embedding in Notebook (NB) and personal computers (PC) externally, it can also be applied on the game platform (such as XBOX 360, PS3...etc.) extensively with its unique image tracking and recognition function. Furthermore, GL860 provides advanced features includes USB 2.0 protocol engine, as well as supports still picture snapshot mode and video resolutions up to SXGA (1280 x 1024)/ UXGA(1600x1200).

The GL860's low power consumption and low operation features effectively solve the conducting problem of thermal effect of the sensor that is embedded in NB. It is collocated with the 1.3M Sensor Module, and its power consumption is lower than 90mA at 15 frame/ sec, which has the lowest power consumption for USB Interface PC Camera Controller in the current market. The function of low power consumption is useful in extending the battery life even more when applying the auto-focus function for the medium/high level products, as well as using of the video conferencing function in NB.

In addition, its 48pin LQFP micro-packaging (7x7mm) is able to assist vendors in simplifying their product design with due consideration of its dexterity and portable advantages.

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