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Genesys Logic's low power consumption USB 2.0 PC Digital TV Controller has obtained certification, and officially on sale in the market Date:2005/10/24

[ Taipei, Taiwan ]

A leading domestic company with high speed I/O communication- Genesys Logic announced that its USB 2.0 PC-DTV digital TV control chip (Product No.: GL861) has already passed the WHQL certification of Microsoft, and already on sale in the market.


GL861 USB 2.0 PC-DTV digital TV control chip, with low power consumption, supports Microsoft Media Center Edition 2005 operation system(MCE2005), and the latest BDA digital frame, which can provide high resolution(1920 x 1080)digital TV of European standard DVB-T, DVB-S and American standard ATSC through Notebook (NB) or Personal Computer (PC). It is also equipped with the application of digital TV such as receiver, storage etc. GL861 also supports IR remoter, applying 48 pins LQFP with mini package (7x7mm), not only just simply to the design of the product, but it's also light and easy to carry.


Genesys Logic indicates that GL861 with PID filter on board supports both standards of high speed USB (480Mbps) and full speed USB (12Mbps). Therefore, watching digital TV can be done through either computer with compatibility of USB2.0 or USB 1.1. GL861 features low power consumption (maximum power consumption is at 0.15W), low temperature (remains at 30C), which is the lowest power consumption product with USB standard digital AV control chip. Besides, GL861 meets the standard of USB Bus Power, which can function directly by using the power of USB, thus there is no need of an extra plug.


GL861 is now in its mass production stage.

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