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Genesys Logic's GL850A Low Power USB 2.0 Hub Controller Passes USB-IF Certification Date:2005/06/08

[ Taipei, Taiwan ]
Genesys Logic, a domestic leader in high-speed I/O communications, today announced that its USB 2.0 hub controller (Product code: GL850A) has passed USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum) certification. This shows again that Genesys Logic has possessed the core technology of communication, and its products have strong competitive power for in both quality and price.  
GL850A has many advanced features such as low power consumption, low temperature and reduced number of pins. It supports 4 downstream connection ports, delivers 48/64-pin LQFP package types, and fully supports the specification of USB 2.0/1.1. Therefore, it is fully compatible with transfer connection to both computers and USB devices. GL850A also has overload protection function, excellent EMI/ESD processing ability, self-power and bus-power auto-detect modes that allows users to repeat plug and unplug operations.
As the hub is the relay station of the computer and the peripheral equipment, its market demand has been greatly increased as indicated by the fast growth of USB peripheral equipment market and the increasing varies and categories of USB peripheral devices. GL850A can applicably as a stand-alone hub, a notebook ducking station, or any compound device that supporting  USB hub functions. Not only it can simplify wiring, but also can help users to carry out management, and what is more important is its increased efficiency.
According to Genesys Logic, the propagation and transformation between signals and the upstream and downstream compatibility between the compute and the peripheral equipment are very important for USB 2.0 hub device, the design complexity of which has greatly increased. Genesys Logic has made a great breakthrough in highly complicated technology, and has successfully released its USB 2.0 hub product, taking the lead in domestic industry. It has become one of the few IC designers and manufactures who possess stand-alone hub controller design ability in the world. As a result, Genesys Logic has not only successfully increased it sales, but also greatly increased its market share since it released its USB 2.0 hub control IC products in the market.

GL850A has a high maturity and stability as other hub products of Genesys Logic; furthermore, it has more competitive advantages in cost and technical support compared with products of other manufacturers.

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