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Genesys Logic Introduces PCI Express and GigaSata Serial ATA Products at IDF Spring 2005 Date:2005/03/01

[ San Francisco, USA ]

Genesys Logic, Inc.(GLI), a leader in high-speed I/O communications, today announced the availability ofits PCI Express (GigaCourierTM) and USB 2.0/SATA (GigaSataTM) product families. The new solutions will be on display during the Intel Developer Forum, March 1st to 3rd, in booth number 914 in the West hall in the PCI Express Community.


PCI Express PHY
With the new GL9711/GL9714 1-lane and 4-lance PIPE PHY chip, Genesys Logic is targeting FPGA users for emerging PCI Express markets. GL9714 and GL9711 are the first PCI Express 4-lane and 1-lane PIPE PHY in the industry implemented in a 0.18µm standard digital CMOS process. GL9714 and GL9711 fully comply with both the PCI ExpressTM Base Specification Revision 1.0a and the PHY Interface for the PCI Express (PIPE) Architecture version 1.0 from Intel. GL9714 is a four-lane transceiver, which can be combined and expanded to 8/16/32 lanes in the system designs. It meets the demand of various bandwidth requirements for networking, graphics, storage, and many other high-speed applications.


Genesys Logic is also open for licensing the IP of both the 1-lane and 4-lane PCI Express PIPE PHY hard macro. They are available at 0.18mm and 0.13 mm standard CMOS process from major foundries. The GL9711/GL9714 mass production chips will be available in April 2005. Contact sales for pricing information at sales@genesysamerica.com.


PCI Express to PCI Bridge Controller
The GL9701 is a 1-lane PCI Express to PCI bridge and is designed for PCs and PC peripheral, consumer electronics and measuring equipment manufacturers. In addition to PCI Express spec, it fully complies with PCI Local Bus Specification 2.3 and PCI Express to PCI Bridge Specification Revision 1.0a. On the PCI side, it supports up to 4 devices. The PCI bus is 32-bit wide and capable of running at either 33 or 66MHz, with PCI LOCK# support. It is ideal for video, audio, networking and real-time PCIe products.


SATA Storage Physical Layer Controller
As hard drives are transitioning from parallel to Serial ATA (SATA), the GL830 (GigaSata) product family extends Genesys Logic's successful, highly-acclaimed PCI Express SerDes technology to help manufacturers make the transition seamless. The GigaSata USB2.0 controller is a USB-to-SATA HDD controller designed for popular USB external storage applications including portable hard disk drives, MP3 players, and digital video recorders and players. The GL830 is based on the company's proprietary low-power SATA 3.0Gbps PHY, with built in support for spread-spectrum clocking (SSC) at both transmitter and receiver, which is also the first in the industry implemented in standard 0.18um CMOS.



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